Mitos Naruekul: Asal-usul Orang Balim dan Asal Mula Perang di Lembah Balim


  • Albertus Heriyanto


mitos, sistem kepercayaan, konflik komunal, perang tradisional, orang Balim


Traditional conflicts in the historical tribal spectrum seem to be very influential to the belief systems of Balim people. The traditional conflicts are still today preserved in various forms, either in myths and stories of clan history, in honai adat and the sacred things conserved inside it, or in their tribal rites and social systems.
The history of traditional conflict in Balim Valley corresponds to the myth of the origin of Baliem people, particularly to the assassination of Naruekul. The story of Naruekul could be considered as the central myth of the belief systems of Baliem people. Actually, myth plays a role as the source of ideological inspiration of important and fundamental issues such as the origin of Baliem people and the origin of various order of their tribal life. Moreover, the myth of Naruekul is sometimes used as one of mystical (ideological) references for explaining the origin of conflicts and killings either between individual and groups.


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